What I Learned About The Dead-ends In Life


Before I go into what I learned, I have to tell how I came into this lesson. In late 2014 I was trying to get a website developed for a startup that I wanted to do. I went to various incubators to see if I could get help since I didn’t have any money or partners who could develop my site. Unfortunately, I was unable to find the desired solution from a developing partner within the incubator but I was given a glimmer of hope in a possibility outside of the incubator. In the first month of 2015 after speaking to this person and trying to work around our schedules things ultimately fell apart. We both had separate projects that were in the same field but it just couldn’t come together. A web developing partner would’ve been my most affordable option & since this didn’t work out I was all out of ideas.

In February of that year, since I found myself out of options, I decided to put the idea on the back-burner. For how long? At this point, I doubted that this site would ever see the light of day.

In the middle of that same month, I got in a car accident while leaving for my job on a route that I normally don’t take. While thanking God that I’m alive, I’m now thinking about a new car note that I’m going to have to pay. So not only am I hit with an idea dead-end but now I’m getting hit with another situation. After awhile, I was able to focus and remember that I wasn’t at fault. This brought me to the conclusion that a settlement would enable me to pay for a new car and help me to contract a developer for the site I wanted.

What I learned from this was that many times, things that we pursue – especially if there’s a love behind what we are pursuing – may offer a time to prove if we truly love the desired result that we’re trying to get. Almost seeming like there is someone behind the situation wanting to know if we are worthy of the treasure we’re seeking.

Dead-ends are like victories in the sense that they’re merely moments in time and they both represent a particular result. While they may have various effects on what happens down the line – depending on the reactions of the individual – they are simply moments. But we must be aware that these are moments that are reversible. If someone is too comfortable in their victory they may become careless towards future events and then your victory becomes your ultimate loss. If you suffer a loss and learn from it, then you’ll become more aware and your loss of the moment can lead you to future victories.

The moments referenced above can be found in the timeline of my startup journey below and at ambitiontrek.com





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