The Object That Holds Your Hopes

Anyone who plans hopes on a certain endgame. But what about the vehicle that gets you through the plan to reach the endgame?

This “vehicle” is the object of our hope. It’s the important item in our lives that we depend on to carry us to our hopeful destination. Many hope on themselves, God, even family. Others even have multiple dependencies . Strangely, in planning, a dependency is needed. This is due to the fact that there must be a trustworthy object for our hope to stand on as a foundation. By standing on this foundation it ironically reminds us that we by ourselves remain limited. Struggles alone can be a gripping reality as to the boundaries of what we can handle. These moments can often have us wondering if we are able to persevere or they may even drive us to the point of actually giving up.


during the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Bank of America 500 at Charlotte Motor Speedway on October 15, 2011 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

This feeling becomes more disturbing when you know that you have put together a great plan and still circumstances in life bring your plan to a standstill. I was able to relate to this when I was having an app developed. I worked with an out of town company to develop the app in the early part of 2012. My faith was high in this project since I had some positive research proving a demand for this type of app. When I pulled out a loan to get the app developed I began to get nervous realizing that this plan wasn’t guaranteed to work. Even with this realization, I ran with the confidence in my plan and continued on.

In November of that same year though when the project was essentially done and just going through testing, I noticed that an ample amount of time had transpired since I had last heard from the development team. That’s when I called to get an update but didn’t get an answer. I emailed the company, still no answer. It wasn’t until I emailed the person from the company who I was in constant contact with when I got an answer. What I came to find out was that the company went under because of internal bad financial decisions and all the clients were left stranded. This sent me into a tailspin of anger mixed with confusion and anxiety.

This was a perfect example of a situation going the opposite of how it was planned. It wasn’t that the plan was faulty, but it was the circumstances that made the project fall apart. From this event, I was able to learn an important lesson about myself and life in general. Once my focus regained I thought about an idea that I had thought about about during the app development. The more I thought about this idea the more I was compelled to follow its journey. This idea would eventually become the site that I recently launched. Whether it succeeds or fails, I don’t know, but the failure lead to a new possibility.

Thinking back on it, I couldn’t have gotten to this current place without first going through the prior situation. I believe that through my personal dependency (Christ), I’m led to and through each endeavor. It fills me with a mission to succeed but even more so, a mission to learn from the chances that I take so that I can become better at life overall. This is the measure of true success and the mark of a trustworthy dependency. A dependency that whether you succeed or fail at the moment, it will lead you to an ultimate victory down the line by making you better along the way towards your goal.

Whatever it is that you decide to depend on, that will be the instrument that will become a compass for your hope. You will look to your dependency to give direction, wisdom, and strength. Your object of hope throughout time should instill some kind positive effect on your characteristic. It’s through these assessments, that confidence in our dependency should be gauged. This is why it is highly important that whatever it is that we decide to make our object of hope, that it’s absolutely trustworthy.

Does your object of hope fit any of these characteristics? If so, build your plan on that foundation because it’s that foundation that will hold your hope together.



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