Planting a Money Tree: The Plan for Asset Building


Intro/Why: Ever since elementary school it was instilled in me that the best way to make money was to find the right skill that was in demand and work to get that corporate job to climb my way up their ladder. After graduating college I began to disagree with this thinking. That mindset is simply motivated on money alone. I’ve grown to understand  that the reasoning behind that advice came because:

  • people simply wanted what they thought was best for me
  • people were only speaking from what they’ve only been shown in life and were never taught another way outside of joining the standard workforce

Life is more than just getting money but I want to focus on efficient ways to get money in comparison to the way that I’m getting it now through a 9 to 5 workweek. Helping to build the vision of another considering it’s a vision that isn’t a passion of mine is not where I want to be.

Also I’d like to have something that is of my own that I could leave behind. So here is my initial plan to start creating assets rather than depending on salary income alone.

Plan: Take advantage of selling products on Amazon FBA (private label ). After searching, I found a product on Alibaba that I wanted to sell. I’ve already contacted the manufacturer about the product and have done my research on the company. Since this is all new to me I started with a small quantity order and will work my way up. The order was a little over $600. For starting a small business, this price is cheap. Although $600 to my pocket is expensive.

Goal: To better supply the more important things in my life by being wiser with how I get money. The results of doing this will be –

  • finding ways where money can work for me instead of the other way around
  • building a secure future for myself and my family
  • having more time to take advantage of things I want to do in life now and not wait until retirement
  • having more resources to be charitable with time and money

*I will provide updates as I move through this plan*


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