It’ll All Go According to Plan

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It’ll all go according to plan. This is the attitude I carried with me when starting my business. I had a well thought out plan and through the time that I put into it I knew that it wouldn’t immediately manifest but felt that it would soon. I carried a confidence that made me feel as though I had a handle on what was going on. This gave me the feeling of having a fool-proof plan and not acknowledging the unexpected. We’ve all thought like this before on different matters in our lives only to see the opposite happen. But if we acted with wisdom, we’d see the lessons we should have picked up from these kinds of moments.

When acting out the original plan, there were many things that I didn’t foresee. It was those unseen stumbling blocks that caused me to switch in the middle of my plan. The switch or pivot didn’t negate my plan rather it validated it. The validation came by way of letting me know that the cause behind my plan was correct but the method of how I was trying to bring it to life was incorrect. It was up to me to find the right method to get to the goal I was looking for. What I found was that the initial plan states the assumed road to your desired outcome, but must experience testing before becoming the plan that you stick with. The pivot comes into the plan based on our experiences and adjusts our original thoughts into a revised plan.

My original plan was to create a site that helps those who had trouble finding a job in their field and partnering that with at work collaborations to act as a living resume. I found myself not knowing where to find a developer for this project and it caused me to shift the project towards entrepreneur resources in struggling communities. To better deal with this problem I got the idea to try to give the resources impact by capturing the everyday entrepreneur journey.

Each of these pivots brought their own frustrations. What made them so frustrating was that it seemed that I found the right combination to break through only to find that I had the wrong code. To feel as though that you’ve found your solution only to have reality tell you otherwise presents an unwanted test of patience. But with each pivot came a learning experience that helped further define my cause and how to better realize it.


Currently, these pivots are guiding me to entrepreneurship through asset building and micro-entrepreneurship. A method of entrepreneurship where the typical costs for starting a business aren’t as high, but doesn’t change the level of business savvy you must have for success. I’ve seen how this journey that I’ve been on has come to play and each item has brought me to a new direction from either every stumble or pivot. Examine:

  • the first pivot came when I shifted my focus from creating a program to aid job search to focusing on entrepreneurship
  • after making that pivot, I later came into the stumble of having the idea but not being able to find a developer. This took me to the focus of entrepreneur resources.
  • I soon afterward came across the stumble of my startup weekend loss. This moved me to the importance of the entrepreneur journey.
  • recording the moments of my entrepreneur journey led me to blog about the life lessons I’m learning from my journey (the birth of
  • once I started blogging & bringing my moments under self-examination, I reassessed my entrepreneur journey. This led me to explore micro-entrepreneurship and begin growing a portfolio of assets.

Before each of these points ever happened in my life I always felt that I was ready to get “the success” that I had looked for. What I found out by the time the pivot came was that I wasn’t ready. I see now (as provided by the points above) that everything is continuously building on a foundation to accomplish a higher goal that I may not realize yet. It seems that plans tend to work like this. You go in with a strategy within an unpredictable environment and then you deal with an unpredictable event. This unpredictable event causes you to shift on the fly. The shift or pivot will tweak your plan and make it stronger.

Thankfully the shifts that I’ve experienced in my plans led me to understand that my general concern is with entrepreneurship, upward mobility, and information sharing (mostly for the communities not getting the information).  These were the motives that helped to create this blog. It’ll be the place where I’ll share my current plans in passive income and micro-entrepreneurship.

The goal is for these plans to:

  • be simple and successful enough to adopt into your routine.
  • show lessons learned from various experiences and highlight how planning gives teachable moments
  • show possible routes to opportunity.

Ultimately, this blog must show how my progress through these plans in life lessons and micro-entrepreneurship/passive income are built based on my personal values. The personal values are the key element because they will not only shape the motive of the plan but how I will handle the success or failure of each plan.

After reading this I hope that you’ll see that when things don’t go according to plan, it’s possibly going better than planned.


5 thoughts on “It’ll All Go According to Plan

    • I’ve heard that saying as well. I believe the important thing to be aware of when we make our plans is that we must be open to its (the plan) subject to change at any given moment. I feel personally that is God guiding us (if we’re attentive) to where we need to go. Thanks for the comment!

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  1. I love this. Good read. I’ve found its good to have plans. It helps you not worry AS much. But you also have to be ready to change them as life happens, because it does happen. A lot. I love the ending where you add that it may be going better than planned. Because it could very well be true. 💕


    • Thanks so much for the reply! There’s so much insight in your response. With the last line of the post in mind that you mentioned in your response, the one thing that I keep in mind is that all of these moments taught various lessons. And even after being taught those lessons I still have a lot to learn.

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  2. Awesome stuff, what I learned about business is it takes work, times more work, then more work. Things never work out how you first plan, but you learn so much. Especially from mistakes

    great article


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