Making Awareness A Brand

Since I’ve been on this particular entrepreneur journey to find a way to bring about idea/resource exposure and awareness to entrepreneur issues, I’ve learned hard lessons. Some were losses while others were wins. Regardless, they were all valuable because without those moments I don’t arrive at this point in my journey.

One of the lessons that I’ve learned was the power of knowing the experience of another. Learning the life-shaping events of others, I retraced their steps in a similar way to find progress. Tapping into the experience of others helped lead me to the purpose of AmbitionTrek. Sharing a creative journey (or its moments) and selecting information from moments you find useful for your own journey can build new efficient experiences with new opportunities.

The solution I see coming from entrepreneur awareness is for people to see the experience of another to relate and learn from for your benefit (and those around you). But getting others to attach themselves to this message is the puzzle.

How do you get that point across in a way that isn’t only interesting but informative, compelling, and applicable? How do you make the message easy to attach to but also create a platform of action for that message?

The Brand: Awareness

Initially, I relied on my AmbitionTrek site alone to do the job of bringing awareness and making it compelling. What I found was, for this purpose the site by itself may be difficult to attach to. For effectiveness, I must attach this message to something simpler. The brand can be a possible solution if attached to a simple product. I’ve seen this done before causes where people would use a product to raise money for a cause (World’s Finest Chocolate anybody?). With this in mind, the simple product that I chose was the liquid chalk marker. After researching, there were two reasons why I went with this product:

1. It represented creativity. An essential piece of being a good entrepreneur.

2. I found that many small businesses used this product for outdoor advertisements, cafe menus, or for business presentations.

The combination of brand and a common product can make it easier to get attention to a message through the familiarity of the simple product. But being aware of entrepreneur issues means nothing if not acted upon. This is why AmbitionTrek will serve both as a business supply product and as a place to share entrepreneur experiences. While AmbitionTrek will offer this service, the main purpose is that the message provokes courses of action towards unique solutions.


The issues are unique to the path of the person.  Here are some of the issues we hope to address for entrepreneurs:

Resources – many don’t know where to start to look for help when beginning their venture. It’s surprising how many new resources of various kinds start every year but many of them go undetected. People are also resources for each other through their skill set around us and can benefit our creations. If we think about it, these resources tend to pass us on a daily basis without our realizing.

Idea viability – a place where ideas have a chance to be understood. Sometimes it takes more than an elevator pitch to see what an idea is about. You may have to see what a person goes through with that idea to really see its potential. This doesn’t dismiss “pitching”, but it implies the patience in seeing an idea grow as a way to better understand it.

Sharing of unique knowledge – there are people who are better connected in places where information is more rampant. Unfortunately, many others are not. Because of this, many opportunities are missed and discouragement among that crowd can grow. By sharing knowledge and experiences, new opportunities for many can occur.

Local area/community recognition – what gets missing many times is that we often stand in the vicinity of a treasure chest and don’t know it. Our local communities harbor not only places of assistance (known and unknown) but people who have ideas. To see where a great idea comes from (who it comes from) can bring a sense of relation and confidence.

Why simply chase for awareness though? Isn’t it easier to pick a charity associated with this issue and give a portion of proceeds there?

I thought of doing a donation to a charity of my choice but I decided against it. This decision came about because of two reasons:

  1. Through awareness, there is an opportunity to affect a mindset by connecting the person to the problem. Having someone give to a charity of my choice (while helpful) doesn’t give them the chance to connect with the problem. Instead, the responsibility of taking care of the problem is on the charity of my choosing. As an alternative to depending on the charity, I wanted to give those who buy the product a chance to get involved with the solution in their area. Particularly creatives and those who have been down the entrepreneur road. These are people who have likely dealt first hand with these problems and the type that naturally love finding solutions to problems.*Side note this isn’t a knock on charity giving. Please do so if that’s what you can do, every bit counts*
  2. I also want to be sensitive to the local communities. Many communities are tackling unique problems concerning opportunities for entrepreneurs. Directing everyone to one charity that I like means that other local charities and services are missing out. Rather, I believe an added solution to charity giving is by people helping the best way that they know as it relates to their area. This is because (as a creative solution thinker) you are most familiar with the kind of entrepreneur problems around you. So, it seems wiser to go this route and not have people donate to a charity that I personally want.

Below is a pic of the first product. If you’d like to know more or have any questions about this please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or email ( or

If you read through all of this, I thank you and greatly appreciate it. If you are a like-minded entrepreneur (or potential entrepreneur) and you’re joining in on this mission of awareness, your community will eventually appreciate it.










25 thoughts on “Making Awareness A Brand

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    • Thanks Amber and I hope these markers will come in handy for you and others (should be released in a week or so). Hopefully this will open up minds as to what’s going on in their community about entrepreneurship.


  2. I couldn’t agree more, sharing knowledge and experiences is the only fway or new opportunities to occur. And being specific when it comes to target groups to raise awareness.

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    • Definitely, it’s like I said I learned from people sharing with me (whether their intention was to teach or not). So I’m hoping that my experience will teach (my mistakes included) and inspire others to venture on their own in some capacity.


    • Thanks Sandra. I’ve been a victim of being blind to the opportunities around me and have been amazed by what I had missed out on. I can only imagine how often this happens to people who are looking for these same opportunities and don’t even know what’s in their vicinity.


  3. The liquid chalk markers do look interesting. And I can understand not wanting to direct to a particular charity as there are charities everywhere in need of assistance helping their own communities.

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    • I agree Blair. A community seeing that a person, group, or company take their time with them can not only make that community feel important, but it helps them realize that their importance matters to others.


  4. You just brought awareness to me about the liquid chalk markers. This is the perfect example of why brand awareness is critical. Immediately I thought who the markers would perfect for.

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  5. This is really interesting, and something not discussed enough! It’s important that people consider the other options out there, such as creating awareness like you’ve said. I’ll keep this in mind if I ever go down this kind of path!

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