Welcome to According To Plan.

How many times have you said or thought “it’ll go according to plan”? I’m sure that there were times where things may have gone as planned and there were times when things didn’t go that way.

The site title “According To Plan (A2P)” is actually a parody dedication of my startup journey thus far because everything has not gone a2p, but that doesn’t mean that things aren’t functioning. Actually I’mĀ  glad some things didn’t go a2p. Through these events, there were lesson learned and growth experienced through my plans regardless of success or failure. Plans may not always go the way we initially intend for them to go but if we’re attentive they guide us to a way to reshape our original plan as well as give us values to learn from.

There are three main sections to this site (simple plans, plan insights, and pre plans)

Simple Plans – this section has two sub sections concerning money and health. We want to see plans that have worked for you concerning either of these subcategories. They can come in the form of a story or as a listicle but it has to be a plan that has personally worked for you (whether a plan of your own or a plan that you found elsewhere). The main conditions are that you explain how the plan has helped you and how it is it still affecting you. Also if it is a plan you foundĀ  somewhere else, please inform the readers with a link at the bottom.

Plan Insights – what life lessons have you learned from plans or goals that you tried? Were you successful? Did you fail? How did that success or failure change you for the better? what life lesson came from that moment?

Pre-Plans – what plans do you desire or are about to take on? What’s the reasoning behind it? Let us know and keep us updated on the progress.