An Entrepreneur/Creator Journal

A created product from its creator serves as evidence of work from a person or group that may be celebrated by intended or unintended onlookers. With every creation comes emotions, victories, pains, and various intentions through its creator. It is by knowing these events where the creation and its creator are often fully celebrated.

Having a journal as a creator/entrepreneur serves as a road-map of both past and future. It also serves as a mirror of my present. It’s different from traditional journals in that you get a reflection of both yourself and your idea.

In a typical journal you get to ask questions such as: What changes do I need to make? Where am I now as it relates to my timetable? What improvements have I made? After an overall examination you get the answers and can better determine your direction or if you are already on the right path. These are just some of the questions that a journal can answer for me. It’s upon this reflecting that I’m able to get an honest viewpoint of myself in relation to my goal (considering if I’m honest with my entries). One of the weirdest things that I found my entrepreneur journal did for me was helping me to realize the kind of entrepreneur I want to become.

After looking at every entry in my journal timeline I was better able to assess what it was that I was trying to do. But I saw my character traits in the entries as well and showing the kind of lifestyle I should attach to my goals within entrepreneurship. Did I want to become a corporate entrepreneur which can come with better financial gains, but a greater chance of interfering with a simple lifestyle that I cherish? Or maybe being a smaller entrepreneur is better suited for me. This may not lend itself to corporate style financial gains but would give me a greater chance of doing the simpler things in life that I care about.

My entrepreneur journal page on AmbitionTrek has also shown my idea developing into its shape, giving it its own identity. I have been able to see where my idea started and where it is now. This gives me clearer insight into the focus of where my idea should be headed and who its intended audience is. Seeing the pivots, successes, failures as well as its place of origin all adds to the idea’s uniqueness.



That’s the ultimate key from the points represented, finding the truth behind everything that you are and have been doing. It’s because of this reason that I decided to associate this blog with my website AmbitionTrek. Both serve different purposes but work together with each other.


The main purpose of AmbitionTrek is to serve creators and entrepreneurs as a place to journal the journey and/or moments of their creative ideas. The site has secondary purposes consisting of:

  • resource sharing through the moments of the creative/entrepreneur and seeing how the resources were used to provide benefit
  • showing the development of ideas in various local areas
  • easier access to finding help towards opportunity according to category (through the icons at the top of the page)

How does AmbitionTrek work with

  • while AmbitionTrek serves as a journal focusing on the entrepreneur journey or its milestones/moments, will focus on the lessons that I’ve learned (still learning) from my journey

AmbitionTrek is my dedication to your experience as a creator. Hopefully we can learn from each others experience and shed light on new ideas and helpful resources in unexpected local areas.